Small Raku Horsehair Vase

Small Raku Horsehair Vase

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Raku Horsehair Vase

  • 3.5 inches at the shoulder
  • 3 inches in height

This small but visually impactful vase is certain to catch your eye.

This is a stoneware bodied piece that has been bisque fired to over 1900 degrees, then fired again in a raku kiln to approximately 1500 degrees.  Once the piece is glowing red hot, it's removed with tongs and placed in a bed of sand, once the temperature is suited it then has real horse hair laid upon the piece.  As the horsehair burns, it leaves a permanent carbon print on the piece.

This piece is suited to stand alone or house a small dry floral arrangement.  One of the characteristics of Raku/Horsehair wares is that they are not water tight or suited to hold liquids as the vitrification temperatures are not reached with this process.

This piece contains no glaze and lends to a blush hue with  black carbon prints from the applied horse hair.