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We are members of  The Boston Mountain Potters Association in Northwest Arkansas.  One member had a cat who contracted Bobcat Fever.  Her cat, was fortunate and survived. In relaying the story of her cat, she learned that another member had two cats fall ill to the same dreaded disease. These felines were not so fortunate and both lost their battle.

Through the sale of our paw-print wares, we are able to raise funds and hopefully raise awareness.   If we can educate owners, we give our felines the best chance of survival by keeping time and proper action on the winning side.   

Please share in our mission, visit our site often, sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye on our Facebook page for valuable information.  If you did, we thank you for purchasing a paw print piece or even just stopping by.  Please keep us in mind  for gift giving, as all of our wares come with an informational leaflet about Bobcat Fever.  Knowledge is power, the more we know, the better prepared we are to combat this lethal illness. 

Janet Cross, Westmonte Studio

At the ripe old age of six, I was tossed the 500+ page Sears "Wish Book" Christmas catalog and told to find something I liked, I chose a potter’s wheel. I got a drum set.  Blame Sears, the cosmos or Mom having too many martinis while ordering. At this time, it just wasn’t meant to be.

Fast forward to the early 90's, where the pressures of life have me seeking an alternative to therapy and Valium. U of A Continuing Ed – potter’s wheel, like minded folk and clay all equaled bliss. 

Life happens, more idle decades pass and finally, it’s meant to be.  I now have my own studio and time to create with clay and fire. 

I am a member of Boston Mountain Potters Association, and Founder of The Bobcat Fever Project-Arkansas.  I still can’t play the drums, but I do have an amazing British husband with great rhythm. 

My current brood consists of a tame feral colony that inhabits my deck:  Momma-kitty, Sam, Hooper, Hermione & Cole.  A feral who sleeps in bed with us most nights, Motsaboo and our two indoor boys, Mr. Reggie Two Bells and Tuxa (the survivor of Bobcat Fever) Last but not least, Ripley, our 130 pound Redbone Coonhound & Mastiff mix.  All of our furs are rescues and have been fixed. This is my life & work in progress.

Mary Curtis, Double Springs Pottery & Clay Works

I don't know if there's a way to begin her bio without the words, local legend and absolute treasure.  Mary has been a potter for over 25 years.  She received her BA and MFA from Highlands University in Las Vegas, New Mexico.  Majoring in painting and weaving studies with a minor in biology.   She made the switch to pottery when the arthritis in her hands forced her to quit spinning and weaving.  She does however, still pack a mean "bob".  Because of Mary's lifelong interest in wildlife, she's created a stunning "Endangered Species" series to raise awareness to a global problem.  

Mary has lost two furs to Bobcat Fever.  Shadow, a main coon and Ariel a trapeze artist cat with a prehensile tale who had a knack for crossword puzzles.  Mary engages in day to day life with her 4 other furs, BK, Issy, Mischief and Kitt.  Oh, and not to forget her son... Brian.

Andrea Guidry, Foxglove Studio

My love of playing in the mud began as a child making mud pies with my cousins in North Carolina and later at Girl Scout camp during arts and crafts.  This love of art continued as I studied form, textures and design at University of Tennessee, where I completed a fine arts degree.  I have been playing in clay for over 30 years.  My pottery consists of handbuilt and wheel thrown pieces. Handbuilding one of a kind, whimsical pieces are my specialty.  Inspirations come from nature which surrounds me in my gardens, while hiking or float trips down the Buffalo River and my two cats.

My desire is not to only make a useful piece but also a work of art to be enjoyed by the senses of touch and sight.  Whether using a dish or platter to serve delicious delicacies to family and friends or displaying as a work of art, each piece has its own unique personality which I hope will be enjoyed.


Margery Shore, Shore2Shore Clay Arts


After introduction to clay at LSU (1987-1990), potting became a hobby and continues to this day. The processes I use are majolica on cone 04 terra cotta, underglaze & glaze on cone 6 porcelain, and sgraffito on cone 10 stoneware.  The imagery I choose is usually anchored in the area I live. While in Louisiana, it was crawfish, alligators, crabs, oysters, and all manner of food for which they are so famous. Here, it is trout, bees, berries, cats, birds, grapes, flowers-to name a few. I produce angels in memory of my mother-Jo’s Angels, have a line of endangered species and cat pieces for a bobcat fever awareness campaign.

The belief that everyday items should be something special and add whimsy to one’s life motivates my work. Clay is such a wonderful medium in that it takes a plebeian materiel and, through manipulation, chemistry and physics, becomes a beautiful, touchable, luscious piece of usable art.  

I am a member of Boston Mountain Potters Association and Heartwood Gallery

 More To Come!

If you have a talent, a product, a passion and are moved by our project, feel free to reach out and contact us.  We firmly believe...Together Everyone Achieves More.  (That spells team, you know)