Copper Raku Vase

Copper Raku Vase

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  • 5 1/2 inches wide
  • 12 1/4 inches tall


This is a stoneware bodied piece that has been bisque fired to over 1900 degrees, then fired again in a raku kiln to anywhere between 1400 - 1900 degrees.  Once the piece is glowing red hot and the applied glaze appears molten, it's removed with long welders tongs and placed in a reduction chamber filled with leaves, pine straw, shredded magazines and other secret ingredients.  When the piece sets the contents ablaze, it's covered with a tight fitting lid and the magic begins. This particular copper glaze lends to a super reflective surface and colorations that start at silver, copper,  greens then to the opposite end of the color spectrum with reds, blues and purples.  The base and neck of this piece are unglazed and have turned a solid black, a result of the accumulation of carbon in the reduction chamber.

 One of the characteristics of Raku wares is that they are not water tight or suited to hold liquids as the vitrification temperatures are not reached with this process.

This piece contains a band of sodium silicate which has been applied to the girdle of the piece for extra texture and visual interest.

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